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Cashmere or wool?

All types of wool are excellent for winter clothing, but each has its own properties, advantages, and characteristics. Cashmere is warmer, softer, and lighter than wool, but it is more delicate and expensive. Wool is more durable and better suited for sportswear, and it is also warmer than cashmere. SASHAVERSE has sweaters made from both materials. With a one-shoulder or high-neck design, chunky or fine knit, oversized or fitted - each is good in its own way.

Of all types of wool yarn, cashmere is valued higher than the others because it is made from the fluffy undercoat of cashmere goats, which makes the fiber softer than other types of wool. With proper care, away from moth, a cashmere sweater, scarf, or shawl can last for decades and become a versatile investment piece suitable for any season. On the other hand, sheep's wool is valued for its durability and ability to absorb moisture, making clothing made from merino wool perfect for an active lifestyle and interior items. If you are looking for luxury clothing, then your choice is cashmere. If practicality is more important to you, then wool is the way to go.

When choosing between cashmere and wool, it is also important to consider the itchiness of the material, especially if you have sensitive skin. It is believed that cashmere is less irritating to the skin because it does not contain lanolin. In terms of care, cashmere clothing is considered more delicate and requires more careful handling than wool. However, proper care of woolen clothing can also extend its lifespan. As for the cost, cashmere is generally more expensive than wool because its production process is more labor-intensive and the fibers are finer. However, the price of woolen clothing can also vary depending on the quality of the wool.

Ultimately, the choice between cashmere and wool depends solely on your personal preferences and intended use of the clothing.

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