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An alternative to the micro shorts trend

Do you remember how in 2022, after a long hiatus, micro-mini skirts made a comeback on the fashion runways? It was when Miu Miu's spring-summer collection overshadowed everything else with one small item not much wider than a belt. And although opinions on micro-minis were divided after heated discussions, even now, a year later, strong sales of mini skirts indicate the enduring popularity of this length. Without a doubt, the frenzy around micro-shorts from the same brand only added fuel to the fire. When you have an intuitive desire to wear micro-minis but shorts feel a bit too much, the ultra-short skirt becomes a realistic alternative.

The best styling inspiration can often be found in archived photos from the early 2000s, the so-called Y2K era when pop culture icons like Christina Aguilera, Halle Berry, Cindy Crawford, and many others sported minis. During that time, an era of expanding rights and stylistic possibilities for women was reflected in the playful style of barely-there clothing.

Observing the cyclical nature of trends is always fascinating, but it's even more intriguing to see how people create their own fashion by customizing their individual style preferences. If you ever desperately wanted to emulate Paris Hilton or Britney Spears from the early 2000s but didn't get the chance for some reason, now is the perfect opportunity to embrace this trend in a more mature way. SASHAVERSE offers several options for mini skirts: leather, stretchy, velvet, or fine wool. There are even mini dresses.

How to style a mini skirt for autumn? It's easy. Keep the outfit simple by pairing the mini skirt with a lightweight black turtleneck, a basic shirt, or a t-shirt with a jacket, and then choose from sneakers, high-heeled shoes, sandals, loafers, or other flat footwear options. The possibilities are endless.

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