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Wardrobe essentials

If there's one thing you can be certain of this autumn, it's that basic wardrobe items are now the most fashionable. Classic shirts, straight jeans, trench coats, and suits have outpaced eccentric shapes and loud colors in terms of frequency on the fashion runways. Normcore has become the main direction when seeking a personal style. In simple terms, "normcore" means rejecting fashion trends, the desire to stand out from the crowd through unusual appearances, and instead embracing the most straightforward items that typically make up a basic wardrobe. They are easy to mix and match, suitable for any season, appropriate for any occasion, and they never go out of style because they exist outside of trends.

Are you familiar with the feeling when you look into your closet, full of clothes, and realize you don't want to wear any of it? Something is too revealing, something too somber, or something an odd color. The solution to this problem (besides replacing emotional purchases with strategic ones) is to build the foundation of your wardrobe, from which you can then create various combinations. Good, well-tailored, and made from quality materials, basic clothing items provide maximum style with minimal effort. As a simple example, how about a thousand and one ways to wear a white shirt, tucked in or over classic jeans or custom-made trousers?

In this quick guide, you'll find everything you need to look stylish this autumn. The transition from your summer wardrobe to your fall wardrobe has never been easier and more versatile at the same time.

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